Scootaloo Remastered x264 are a remaster of the best available version of pony by Scootaloo.

Quality is better than iTunes raw thanks to Scootaloo color restoration process.

Audio tracks (Both AC3 5.1 and AAC) has been remastered, please use the AAC track on a stereo/laptop setup.


A word from Scootaloo group:

We've gone for the restorative side, more than size or 'color', we're not able to clear all the composition faults in pone as flash isn't a video editor.
But we've cleared up the DCT issues from their initial encoding process.
And someone slipped in a cheeky gamma correction, which was missed on the HEVC so they won't look odd.
There was a correction error which happened in the HEVC which when encoded reacted oddly so some color are super... 'bright'
Some episodes will heavily benefit from being cleaned up, and will be smaller but others will be bigger due to needing bits for the debanding or noise reduction due to things like snow, rain ...
Many of the episodes were so noisy we had to restore debanding on everything, so thats can cause an issue with some episodes sizes.

The target size for the video stream is around 655MB, many are coming in lower sizes.